Französisches Roulette (Hörbuch-Download, MP3)

Hörbuchdownload - Der dreizehnte Fall für Bruno, Chef de police, Bruno, Chef de police, Sprecher: Johannes Steck
ISBN/EAN: 9783257694116
Sprache: Deutsch
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When successful mystery writer Michal Rice, better known as 'Miz Mike' in Three Prongs, Texas (where misfits fit), spots a dead body in a red pickup truck, she springs into action. But no-one believes her! So she searches for the elusive truck and murder victim herself. After finding and losing them, and being coshed on the head on finding them again, Mike learns the identity of the murdered man, but again, no-one will believe her, not even her 'fiancé' Marty Richards. When Mike unexpectedly joins a party of bone dowsers and the body is found, Marty accuses her of witchcraft and turns against her the ultimate betrayal. But when someone is arrested for the murder, it is the wrong someone! Mike can't let an innocent person suffer while the real murderer escapes. So, naturally, she risks her life to bring the killer to justice.
Stephanie Parker McKean has been writing for as long as she remembers only in her early school years, her tales were generally considered "lies! But her father wrote a book that did rather well, and when young Stephanie discovered it, too, was all made up, she decided writing would be the career for her. Stephanie is now married to another writer, Alan T. McKean, a minister of God. They live on the lovely Black Isle in Scotland.